Man impersonated CID to steal from host

Pakistani who stole from his host received four months in jail followed by deportation, by the Dubai Criminal Court.

DA, 21, impersonated a CID officer to NS and claimed he had meetings at Naif Police station. NS’s friend who stays in Abu Dhabi asked him if he can host DA in his house for a day. NS accepted and the guest stole Dh600, two credit cards and a mobile phone.

NS testified that DA arrived at his place on December 5, 2010 and told him that he worked for Dubai CID and that he had an important meeting on the next day morning.

NS kept his wallet under the pillow. He woke up to perform morning prayer and when he came back, it was still under the pillow. NS woke up in the morning and wne to the bathroom when DA stole from him.

NS went to his work and at noon he received a call from DA who asked if he could go to the house. NS told him that he was at work.

NS told his friend about DA who stole him. Both men reported the incident to police and told them that he claimed having a meeting at Naif Police station. Police asked NS to continue with DA and to receive him at home as if nothing happened. Police arrived and arrested DA.

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