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Man robbed on his way to deposit money in bank

An Ethiopian visitor, EBO, 23, and his accomplices allegedly attacked and robbed a cleaner while he was on his way to deposit money in the bank given by his employer, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

The victim SAS, 36, testified that on April 19, at around 1.30pm while he was on his way to deposit Dh55,650 handed to him by his employer JS to deposit in the company’s bank account a man hit him on his back.

“As I turned back, he held me from my neck and kicked and punched me several times. Another person pushed me back towards the first attacker and stole the money from my pocket and ran away. The other two who were standing nearby also ran away in different directions. I ran after the man who had stolen money from my pocket and shouted for help till I caught him with the help of two other people near the Dubai Municipality building. But he didn’t have the stolen many and said that he had given the money to one of those who were with him,” SAS testified.

JS, 30, Indian partner, testified that he handed over the money to the cleaner to deposit in the account of his brother in the nearby bank.

“Twenty minutes later, I received a call from the cleaner telling me that he was robbed.”

Sergeant Mohammed Abdullah testified that while he was patrolling some people told him about the theft so he got down and walked towards the men who were holding an African and claiming that he had stolen Dh55,000 from the pocket of the victim. Police could not catch the accomplices.

Forensic reported scratches on the body of the victim due to kicks and punches. The Court will reconvene on July 29.