Man to be executed for murder

The federal supreme court sentenced a Bangladeshi man to death after he was convicted of murdering his Emirati employer in Ajman by stabbing him many times, press reports said on Tuesday.

The court supported earlier death verdicts by two other courts against the unnamed defendant after the victim’s relatives refused to pardon him -- a case that could save the killer from the gallows.

The federal supreme court rejected claims by the defendant that he murdered his employer, a landlord, in self defence after he threatened him with a knife and tried to rape him.

Court files showed the murder took place in 2005 when the employer accused the Bangladeshi of stealing him and said he would sack him and cancel his visa. The worker then went to his employer’s house to seek forgiveness but he was rebuffed.

“He then stabbed him in his neck…the employer tried to escape but he chased him and stabbed him many times in the neck, belly and other parts of the body,” Emirat Alyoum daily said.

“He then turned the hoover on so the victim’s screams will not be heard…before leaving, he slit the man’s throat to make sure he is dead…he then stole Dh14,000 and fled.”

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