Man with family of 47 finds help for future

A government organisation has come to the rescue of a debt-ridden Emarati, seeking help to payback his loan.

The Emarati, Abu Fahad, is a resident of Shabyat Sheikh Rashid bin Said in Fujairah, with a limited income and a burgeoning family to take care of.
Emarat Al Youm last month reported the pitiful condition of Abu Fahad, who lives in a dilapidated house with 47 members of his family and runs a debt of Dh337,000.
Besides the 65-year-old, the residents of the ramshackle house include his wife and 10 of his children, six of whom are married and still live with him in the same house.
Abu Fahad told Emarat Al Youm “Two of my four daughters go to school, and two others have finished their high secondary but were not able to join any university due to lack of funds.”
Though Abu Fahad receives a pension of Dhs10,000 per month, Dhs4,000 of which go in repayment of loan, resulting from the continuous maintenance of the house.
Abu Fahad said he has carried out expansion and maintenance of the house five times at his own expense, to make it habitable and make more space for the growing size of the family.
He explained that the house was originally comprised of only three rooms and the Majlis, “but due to the growth of family we were forced to add some other rooms from asbestos, despite the knowledge of the dangers of this substance on the health of the population at home.”
“We chose asbestos because of our poor finances,” he added.
Abu Fahad visited the municipality several times to seek help, but for no avail.
The continuous expansion and poor maintenance work has rendered the house inhabitable. The alarm went off when one of the concrete blocks broke into one of the rooms and the family fears the walls and roofs could fall over any time.
Abu Fahad urged the authorities at Sheikh Zayed Housing programme to provide an alternative house for the family before any tragedy strikes.
An official at the Sheikh Zayed Housing said that the organisation would be considering the request of Abu Fahad soon.
Abu Fahad and his children expressed their happiness and their thanks to the government body that has show an interest in helping to repay his debts.
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