Manager on trial for threatening staff by SMS

A  Jordanian manager of a company allegedly sent treatening messages to his employee, Dubai Court of First Instance heard on Sunday.

The dispute started when 27-year-old Kuwaiti complainant, AD, was sacked last November from his job in a trading company in Diera by the defendant, AH, reported 'Gulf News'.

AH told the court that the message - "If you don't answer my calls, I'll expose your dirty laundry" - was sent to compel the complainant to answer his calls.

Recalling the issue, AD told the court that prior to his termination when he handed over company property to the competent official he was denied a receipt to the effect. So he asked a few of his colleagues to stand as witnesses and told the official that he would not entertain any calls enquiring about the handed over properties thereafter.

However, a few days later he received a call from the manager which he did not attend. That was followed by a SMS that threatened to  'expose' him. During the same time, he alleged that he received an e-mail from the defendant stating that he had been sacked for his absenteeism from work, which was not true. And two days after that he received a call from the company's lawyer asking him to report to the company or else a case would be filed against him for dishonesty, which prompted him to file a complaint against the defendant for threatening him as he feared for his reputation, he claimed.

The case is adjourned until July 20.

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