Medics save child choking to death

A three-year-old boy nearly choked to death by a fruit seed but his life was saved in the last moment by Dubai’s medics, a newspaper reported on Tuesday.

The boy was having fruit at his home in Dubai when he choked and started to have breathing difficulty before fainting, the semi-official daily 'Al Ittihad' said.

His father, fearing for his death, rushed him in his car to the nearest ambulance service point, where medics acted fast to save his life.

“They immediately started a resuscitation process until the child regained consciousness, but he still suffered from breathing difficulty and was rushed to Lateefa Hospital for treatment,” the paper said, quoting Issa Al Gaffari, acting executive director of Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services.

The paper did not identify the child or mention the type of fruit he had, but it quoted the boy’s father as saying he nearly lost hope that his son would survive.

“He was in a very serious condition when I took him to the ambulance service centre.

"I am grateful for the corporation as its staff members demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and saved my son’s life,” he said.


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