Mentally challenged boy sexually assaulted

Two Asians arrested for the crime now under trial in a Dubai court

Two Asians have been accused of sexually assaulting a mentally challenged Pakistani boy.

The case that came up for hearing at the Dubai Criminal Court dates back to December 13, 2009, when the 17-year-old boy identified as MSA went to a grocery behind Iranian Hospital to buy a battery.

He was allegedly approached by a man wearing a traditional Pakistani dress who showed him pornographic clips on his mobile phones. he then allegedy took him home promising more such clips and assaulted him.

When his delay from the grocery was delayed, the boy's father went around looking for him in the neighbourhood.

However, the boy returned on his own.

Noticing that he was disoriented, his mother enquired about his condition. But he later told his sister on what happened.

On learning about the crime, the father lodged a report with the police.

It was then the boy said he was earlier touched by an Indian tailor in the neighbourhood.

Police arrested the Pakistani man BKM, 26, and the Indian tailor YR, 34.

However BKM said he had sex with the boy on paying Dh20.

Medical report proved the crime.

The court adjourned the case which will be heard on September 30.

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