Midnight to 5am: Why best to avoid Sharjah’s King Faisal bridge

Sharjah to Al Dhaid bridge number 4 also undergoing maintenance

The Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority will begin today maintenance work on the King Faisal bridge as well as emergency maintenance on the bridge intersection number 4 of the Sharjah road to Dhaid.

The authority stressed that it has put in place a plan for maintenance operations to avoid complete closure of the two bridges, both of which are vital connections of the emirate’s road network.

Much of the maintenance work will take place at night, reducing the number of hours of closure to the bridges.

RTA Sharjah released the following information on the works.

Work begins today and will last until August 22.

King Faisal Bridge

-        First stage from King Faisal Street towards the Central Market (Al Souq Al Markazy) only.

-        Work will be on from midnight to 5am.

Second phase

From Central Market (Al Souq Al Markazy) towards King Faisal Street - for 15 days following end of first pahse.

Bridge number 4, Sharjah to Al Dhaid

-        From midnight to 5am.

-        Only two lanes will be closed out of four.

The authority has asked the public to call its call centre on 600525252 for inquiries.


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