Mistress, dad jailed for consensual sex

The father, who along with his mistress, was accused of torturing to death his eight-year-old daughter, was sentenced to one year in jail after being found guilty of consensual sex by the Dubai Misdemeanour Court.

Hamad Saud Al Shirawi, 29, and his mistress Al Onood Mohammed Al Amiri, 27, both are Emiratis, confessed to consensual sex but claimed they had a marriage certificate which they said was signed in the presence of a lawyer.

The convicts will soon appear before the Dubai Criminal Court for causing the death of the man’s daughter Wadeema and burying her body in the desert area of Sharjah and torturing the younger one Mira, 7.

Hamad lived with his mistress and his two daughters in a studio flat in Dubai’s International City.

The two girls were also reported absent from school since November when their grandmother from the father’s side won their custody and handed them over to her son who had a record of drug addiction.

The two girls were taken from their mother who remained unmarried after her divorce.

The children’s uncle reported to the police that Wadeema was missing. Mira told the police that her father and his mistress had tortured her sister and left her unconscious in the bathroom for two hours which caused her death. Her father took her body out of the house after wrapping it in a cloth.

Mira also told the police how her father and his mistress used to pour boiled water on their body and lock them in a wardrobe and the bathroom for hours without food.

Attorney General Issam Al Humaidan had asked the court to give the two accused the death penalty for their crime.



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