Mohammed bin Rashid issues law on regulating civil organisations in Dubai

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister, has issued, in his capacity as Ruler of Dubai, a law regulating civil organisations in the emirate to activate the civil society’s role and achieve social development.

Under the new law, a civil establishment is a non-profit organisation that practices in social, health, educational, cultural, scientific, occupational, creative, art and humanitarian fields as stipulated in the legislation.

The law defines that the civil organisation is an entity founded by a legal person or a group of founders. Each civil institution should designate a certain financial allocation to manage its activity-which is must be one of the previously mentioned activities.

The Community Development Authority (CDA) is the governing body mandated to oversee the implementation of the law and ensure the realisation of its goals. The authority is tasked with issuing licences for civil institutions and their branches in the emirate.

No person or an organisation is allowed to exercise any of the prescribed activities except after a licence is obtained from the authority (CDA).

The law defines the terms of establishing the civil organisation, including that the founders should not be less than 10 persons, including two Emiratis.

Each organisation should had a statute consistent with the provisions of the new legislation and its bylaws.

The statute will include the name of the civil institution, providing that its name is derived from the activity it practices and founded for.

The statute should also include the headquarters, geographical range and the purpose of the organisation, as well as its activities and target groups, the names of its members, their nationalities, professions and residences.