Mom accused of killing baby in Dubai custody

Dubai Police have arrested a woman on charges of torturing her 18-month-old son to death after she tried to have a death certificate issued from a local hospital.

Police acted against the unnamed mother after doctors at Latifa Hospital refused to issue that certificate, suspecting a criminal act was behind the child’s death.

The child died at his family’s home in the emirate after suffering from abdominal hemorrhage and bruises on various parts of his body.

His parents denied they beat the child, claiming that he is ill and that they wanted to travel to the United States to have him treated.

“Two months after their return from the US, the child died and it was clear that they returned without having him fully treated,” said Brigadier Mohammed Al Murr, Director of the Human Rights Department in Dubai.

“His parents went to hospital to have a death certificate issued for their son but the doctors refused as they suspected criminal act was involved in his death. The mother was then arrested for questioning,” he told 'Al Khaleej' daily.