More lifeguard patrols at Jumeirah Beach

High waves and windy conditions forecast for next two days

Jumeirah Open Beach in Dubai is now opened for public with more strict lifeguard patrols. However, the number of visitors have dropped drastically. On Sunday morning  there were less than two dozen people.

Majdi Tag, a senior lifeguard with the Dubai Municipality told 'Emirates24|7' that a yellow flag has been hoisted and visitors are allowed to enter water in the morning as the conditions are relatively safe.

“It’s towards noon that the sea begins to get rough when we hoist the red flag. Then we do not allow people to even touch water,” he said.

The place did not witness any untoward or dangerous incidents last week, mainly due to very strict patrolling. “I was told by an official that 11 people were rescued by Dubai Police Rescue Team over the weekend. Seven of them were from the beach close to the Jumerirah Beach Residence and four from the beach close to Burj Al Arab. None of them are controlled by the Dubai Municipality,” he added.

Dubai Municipality employs 34 lifeguards who man the three beaches at Mamzar, Jumeirah Beach Park and at the Open Beach. “Six of them are stationed at the Open Beach alone. We have had no untoward incidents this year. One person drowned in February 2010 - unfortunately, he was swimming in a non-permitted zone," said Tag who has 17 years experience as lifeguard with Dubai Municipality.

“People believe good lifeguard is when they have a lot of rescues. My opinion is that a good lifeguard is someone who prevents people from getting into an accident in the first place,” he added. Remembering one of his rescues he said, “AN Indian family of seven people were getting drowned when they were trying to save one of their family members who was drowning. I had to rush into the water and with the help of four other lifeguards we managed to rescue all of them,” he added.


Meanwhile, the National Center for Metrology and Seismology has re-issued a warning for people not to go to the beach for the next two days due to high waves and winds.
The center’s forecast states that the weather today (Sunday) will be windy and dusty, and there is possibility of rain in the southern and western parts of the country. The sea waves will be high as well. 
"On Monday, there is a possibility of rain, especially in the morning, and it will also become dusty. Sea waves will be high and the public is advised not to get into the sea for their safety," the center said.
As for Tuesday, the weather will be partially foggy and cloudy, and the temperature will rise gradually.


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