More paid parking spaces for Khalidiyya

Abu Dhabi transport authorities have completed a project to construct 1,650 new paid parking spaces for Khalidiyya area and it will be commissioned on Sunday, a newspaper reported on Tuesday.

The new spaces will raise to 5,175 the total paid parking spaces set up by the Department of Transports in Khalidiyya, one of the largest and busiest areas in the capital, the Arabic language daily 'Al Khaleej' said.

The spaces have been built on a land plot provided by its owner Surouh, one of the largest property developers in the emirate, the
paper added.

It quoted Mawaqif, which is implementing a major paid parking project in Abu Dhabi city, as saying it had extended the parking time in that area to 10 hours at the request of residents of Khalidiyya, a sprawling residential neighbourhood stretching between the town centre and the seaside Corniche road.

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