Most UAE employers likely to hire in coming months

Majority of jobs will be coming up in private sector

The next few months seem likely to bring good news for employees in the UAE, especially those who have been trying to change their jobs for a long time, claims a new survey.

As per the latest and You Gov Job Index Survey, the majority (53 per cent) of employers in the region say they are likely to hire in the next three months.

These 53 per cent gave ‘definitely’ or ‘probably’ as the answer when asked about their intention to hire in the next three months while 29 per cent look to ‘definitely’ hire within a year.

The majority of these jobs will be in the private sector. Multi-nationals as well as large local companies are expected to generate most of the jobs.

On the kind of jobs that are expected to become available, 45 per cent will have less than five positions available whereas 24 per cent will have up to 10 jobs available.

Junior level employees can expect the maximum number of job openings. “The most sought-after employees will be those at junior executive level (36 per cent), followed by executives (30 per cent), co-ordinators (26 per cent) and senior executives (25 per cent),”  the survey says.

The job seekers in the UAE who will have the best chance of getting hired will be those with qualifications in engineering (27 per cent), business management (22 per cent) and commerce (20 per cent).  Moreover, UAE-based employers emphasise team player qualities and ability to communicate well.

UAE residents continue to be the happiest in the region. Forty three per cent of respondents find it much more attractive than other countries in the region. The UAE  is followed by residents in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, both with 40 per cent believing the same.

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