Mother strangles baby with umbilical cord

Woman gave birth in Terminal I toilet and trashed the baby before boarding a plane to her home country

Dubai Police have called on the Interpol to help in arresting a woman from an African country on charges of strangling her newborn with the baby’s own umbilical cord at the Dubai Airport.

According to the police, the woman gave birth to the child in the toilet at Dubai International Airport early Thursday and proceeded to strangle the baby so the child wouldn’t cry, then dumped the body in a trash bin and left the country.

A spokesperson at Dubai Police said: “We succeeded in figuring out the identity of the woman through surveillance cameras,” and added that Dubai Police are taking the necessary legal procedures to arrest the woman on charges of murder.

The spokesperson declined to speculate on when and whether the authorities of the woman’s home country will hand her over to UAE authorities, saying it was too early to talk about this.

The woman left the country minutes after committing the alleged crime, and the official said he believes the baby might be the result of an illegal relationship, and the mother probably decided to get rid of the baby to avoid trouble.

Later, when another passenger discovered blood on the floor of the toilet at Terminal I, she called the cleaner, who discovered the newborn child in a plastic bag tied with the umbilical cord.

Police are investigating the case in cooperation with Interpol, while the dead body of the baby has been sent to Dubai Police Morgue.

According to a report in Emarat Al Youm, an airport officias said the baby had turned blue but was still breathing when found in the bin. However, paramedics could not save his life, he added.


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