Motorist killed after jumping red signal in Dubai

A speeding Emirati driver was killed after jumping the red lights and ramming into another car driven by an Indian before turning over many times and hitting a nearby house in Barsha area in Dubai.

The 24-year-old Emirati, identified as STA, was rushed to hospital by helicopter but d octors could not save him because of his serious injuries.

The accident occurred at the intersection near ENBD bank on Sunday night and road examination showed the Emirati was driving at a high speed when he jumped the red signal and used the brakes for 23 metres in a bid to stop his Toyota Land Cruiser.

Before turning over, his car smashed into a large pedestrian signboard, causing severe damage to his car, the other vehicle, the board and the house’s wall..

Man caught with girlfriend inside mosque

Saudi Arabia’s feared religious police arrested a Bangladeshi mosque guard and an Indonesian woman after catching them making love inside the mosque.

Members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice raided the mosque in Riyadh after receiving a report about the couple.

“They found the two inside the guard’s room at the mosque…they arrested both of them and referred them to the competent authorities,” Sharq daily said.

3 babies abandoned in Sharjah

Three babies, including a boy aged over five months and two Filipina-looking girls, have been found in Sharjah over the past few days and officials said it was the first time children with that age are dumped in the emirate.

The boy was found in a dummy car in one area and medical tests conducted at Al Qassimi Hospital in Sharjah showed he was in good condition.

One Filipina-looking girl aged around two months was found wrapped in front of a villa in another neighborhood while the third baby, who also looks Filipina and is around one-week old, was dumped near a mosque, press reports said.

“The hospital has received many babies without known parents but it is the first time that a baby aged five months is dumped,” said Naeema al Nakhi, director of the social services section at Al Qassimi Hospital.

“The strange thing is that his parents have looked after him all this time and have even circumcised him….the boy has surpassed the difficult stage and that even makes it stranger…he looks Arab and had never stopped crying at the hospital before he was transferred to the social care centre in the emirate.”

Quoted by the semi official daily Alittihad, she said the one-week-old baby has also been taken to that centre while the two-month-old girl remained in hospital for more tests after she was left unattended on the road.

Alittihad said the three babies could be granted the UAE citizenship under the 1972 federal law which stipulated granting nationality to foundlings.