Muhaisnah traffic to ease; new junction opens

Photo credit: Supplied

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) on Saturday [April 2, 2016] opened a signalized junction linking Amman Street and Algiers Street at Muhaisna 2. This is part of the comprehensive road works project in the area aimed at easing congested traffic flow in the area.

Maitha bin Adai, CEO of Traffic and Roads Agency, said: “This signalized surface junction is part of the comprehensive roads project at Al Muhaisna 2. It had been undertaken to replace the previous R/A following the widening of Amman and Algiers Streets. The junction is set to streamline the traffic flow in that important and congested area, which is close to workers accommodation witnessing hundreds of dedicated buses shuttling workers daily between their job sites and accommodation.”

“The completion rate of the entire project had exceeded 95 per cent and the project is set for full completion in the last week of this April. The project encompasses the construction of 31 km-long roads including widening of main roads extending 3.87 km, 9.79 km-long collector roads, 8.15 km-long connecting roads, and 9.19 km-long local roads,” added the CEO of Traffic and Roads Agency.

“As RTA is keen on the safety of road users, a master plan had been developed to provide residential areas with roads and infrastructure projects such as lighting networks, and rainwater drainage networks to ensure smooth traffic flow according to the standards of permanent roads in terms of engineering design, levelling of surface and asphalt and sufficient lighting befitting the designed speed of the road. Such measures were intended to ensure the traffic safety of users by upgrading the traffic intake of the existing roads to avoid any congestion.

“RTA has also communicated with residents of areas affected by the project works, and supplied them with essential information about the project together with phone numbers of the contractor and consultant in order to communicate directly with them in case they need anything or have complaints to be addressed in the context of RTA’s efforts to ensure people’s happiness,” said Maitha.