Museum of coins, notes opens

The Central Bank of UAE on Tuesday inaugurated the Central Bank Museum of Coins and Notes at its head office in Abu Dhabi City.

Khalifa Mohamed Al Kindi, Chairman of the Central Bank Board of Directors, cut the ribbon in presence of members of the board, senior members of the senior management of the Central Bank in addition to chief executive officers of banks operating in UAE.

The museum was inaugurated to mark the occasion of the Central Banks's 40th Anniversary to give researchers, visitors, school and university students and individuals interested in this field, the opportunity to get to know the various stages of currency development in the region before the foundation of the United Arab Emirates, as well as to view the Central Bank's issues of currency notes, coins and commemorative coins.

The museum includes a part of the Central Bank's collections of currency notes, currency coins, commemorative coins, gifts and samples of issues of UAE currency notes and coins and currency of other countries, in addition to cash counting and sorting machines used by the Central Bank in the past.

A special section of the museum has been devoted to currency collectors wishing to display their collections of old coins.

To mark the same occasion, the Central Bank also issued a commemorative coin and said it will soon issue a documentary book in celebration of this occasion.

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