Nakheel cleans out Discovery Gardens’ foul odour problem

Analysis treated sewage effluent water used for irrigation acceptable: spokesperson

Residents of Discovery Gardens in Dubai have been complaining of a bad odour in certain sections of the development.

Some of the affected residents told this website that they suspect the problem to be with the public gardens being irrigated with foul-smelling water.

“When I walk out of my house in the morning I run to my car. I can just not bear the smell,” says Omer Sarood, a Pakistani who lives in the community.

In response to queries about the situation in Discovery Gardens, a Nakheel spokesman told Emirates 24|7: "The issue was resolved by cleaning the treated sewage effluent (TSE) water reservoirs used for irrigation.

“The water analysis result of the TSE water was acceptable. We will perform regular monitoring and control to maintain the quality of the water.”

Residents claimed that the gardens are watered twice a day and the smell emanates at those times.

According to Anton Semenov, GM of sewage treatment provider Biotal LLC,: “Environmental requirements of a sewage treatment plant are, that it at least reduces suspended solids through filtration.

“However, filtration alone doesn’t solve the problem, because it fails to reduce dissolved elements.

“This requires a full biological process or additional chemical treatment.”


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