National Day holidays: Avoid Dh1,000 fine

Temporary yard allocated on capital's corniche for seizing illegal vehicles

The Abu Dhabi Police Traffic and Patrols Directorate prohibit any vehicle or motorbike parades under any circumstances with the exception of the official parade celebration taking place on the 42nd National Day.

The directorate announced that it has already allocated a temporary yard on the Corniche Street in Abu Dhabi, in the area facing Hilton Hotel, for confiscating cars that break traffic laws.

Brigadier Eng. Hussein Ahmed Al Harithi, Director of the Abu Dhabi Traffic and Patrols Directorate, revealed a comprehensive plan where traffic patrols will be deployed in all areas holding parades in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and the Western Region during the national day celebrations.

According to Brigadier Eng. Al Harithi, this step maintains traffic safety and curtails uncivilised activity, which contradicts the “Spirit of the Union.”

Brigadier Eng. Al Harithi emphasised that the directorate has established conditions related to decorating cars participating in the 42nd National Day celebrations parade. These conditions enable society to enjoy the festivities without committing any traffic violations and in line with the motto: “Let’s all celebrate under the Spirit of the Union without committing violations.”

He called upon motorists to comply with the Abu Dhabi Police Traffic and Patrols Directorate guidelines, knowing that the directorate has circulated them to the media and attached illustrations that depict the road safety procedures.

These guidelines are effective from November 27 to December 5. They stipulate that the vehicle’s colour must remain unchanged and that the car's body should be free from posting of inappropriate and/or obscene words and phrases. The police also prohibit vehicles from carrying more than the permitted number of people and warned passengers against sticking any part of their body out of the vehicle. Tinting or colouring windscreens is also banned, said Brigadier Eng. Al Harithi, who warned motorists against stopping their vehicles in the middle of the road to spray paint others.

Urging motorists to commit to the “Spirit of the Union” and traffic laws, Brigadier Eng. Al Harithi asked the community to follow the instructions of the patrol officers during the parade.

He called upon community members to celebrate this noble national event in a way that spares all citizens the recklessness causing accidents that disturb the smooth flow of the celebrations, in addition to causing death and injuries.

Brigadier Eng. Al Harithi stated that the directorate would immediately impound vehicles causing damage to public property such as the sidewalks and vegetation in addition to those that block traffic.

Dh1,000 fine

These vehicles will be later moved to the main impound lots for a one-month period and vehicle owners shall pay a fine of Dh1,000; a total of 12 points will be deducted from the offenders driving record.

The Traffic and Patrols Directorate will confront all road behavior defying the “Spirit of the Union” during the national day celebrations and render all lawbreakers legally accountable.

Brigadier Eng. Al Harithi added that Patrols and Traffic Investigators would intensively monitor all internal and external roads. The Air Wing Patrols will have their share in arresting violators and monitoring roads through cameras located everywhere to record and capture infringements.

Noncompliance with decoration guidelines, reckless and chaotic driving that disturbs others, blocking traffic flow, using spray paint on others, and stopping vehicles in the middle of the road are all behaviors that entail immediate vehicle confiscation according to Brigadier Eng. Al Harithi.

Motorists are warned against covering the vehicle license plates, performing stunts, impeding traffic flow, blocking the road, or being engaged in any activities that may create chaos and disturbance for others. The directorate also brought the community’s attention to not attaching any noise-making accessory or device, avoiding the use of horns, particularly in residential areas, and keeping the color of the car unchanged in addition to refraining from performing stunts and carrying more than the permitted number of passengers.

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