NCMS warns of active winds, low visibility

The National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology, NCMS, has warned of an increase in active southerly winds stirring dust and bringing low horizontal visibility of less than 1,500 metres to Abu Dhabi and most inland areas and highways.

The centre today said that visibility had reached as low as 500 metres in some parts of Abu Dhabi and Swaihan as a result of the dust. It also said that visibility reached 1,200 metres at Abu Dhabi International Airport and 1,800 metres at Al Ain International Airport.

Don’t park cars under trees, signboards: UAE motorists told

The Ministry of Interior on Thursday urged motorists to drive carefully and safely as a result of low visibility formed by dusts and sands, particularly on sides of desert highways that have no windbreaks.

In a road warning statement, the ministry advised motorists to remain cautious, reduce speed and leave sufficient distance between vehicles so as to avoid accidents. In cases of low visibility, motorists should park their cars on the right shoulder of the road and turn on the hazard lights to ensure their safety.

The ministry also urged motorists not to park their vehicles under trees, signboards and construction sites for their own safety.

''Formation of sand on the road surface is one of the main causes of traffic accidents and motorists should carefully observe traffic rules and take precautionary measures during dusty weather. They should also be careful about any obstacles on the road including solid construction materials, tree trunks and palm tree fronds,'' the MoI statement said.

Motorists were also urged to initiate prevention and safety measures regarding the vehicle when they travel through low and high lands during foggy conditions.