NCMS warns of fog over next two days

Motorists have been advised to be cautious while driving due to low visibility during fog.

The National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) has warned of possible fog over the next two days on the coastal and the internal regions especially in the western region during the early morning hours due to high level of humidity, reported Al Ittihad newspaper. 

The centre stressed the need to be cautious while driving because of the low visibility in fog.

Over the last two days, the UAE has seen marked increase in humidity, reaching 95 per cent in coastal and inland areas.

The centre predicted dusty and partly cloudy weather in some areas with temperature dropping slightly in some areas.

Wind is forecast to be moderate to brisk and the sea will also be moderate in the Arabian Gulf and also in Oman Sea.

The relative humidity will increase at night and early morning on the western coastal areas, with the possibility of some mist and light fog, especially in the western region.

The NCMS said the weather tomorrow will be dusty and partly cloudy.


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