Nearly 5 million visit Global Village

Planning for the next season is underway

Global Village, the region’s leading family outdoor cultural and entertainment destination, managed to record another record number of nearly 5 million visitors during its 168 days of operations, in addition to a record number of retail transactions totaling close to 1 billion Emirati Dirham during that same period.

In line with the Global Village’s commitment to offer the best to its visitors every season, a customer satisfaction survey was conducted to gauge customer satisfaction throughout the season and take the necessary steps to insure that visitors are enjoying their visits. The results over the course of the season have shown that 91% of people surveyed were more than satisfied and have had their needs met throughout the multi faceted offerings provided to them. The sample surveyed included multinational visitors ranging from Emirati Nationals, Asians, Arab and European expats and tourists. Most of the surveyed sample was regular Global Village visitors that have grown accustomed to visit the park several times, and the majority of repeat customers expressed their preference to spend an entire day at the park enjoying the cultural and entertainment shows, retails offerings and multi cultural food and beverage experience.

The survey has also shown that all visitors are more than satisfied with the customer assistance provided through the information and assistance services in and around the park with particular emphasis on the quality and detail of the information provided, as well as the friendly and hospitable manner in which it was presented.  It’s worth to note that the Global Village management team actively responds and reacts to all queries and complaints in order to provide the best standards of service every season.

Global Village is considered one of the most unique tourism destinations in Dubai; it combines a plethora of cultural, ethnic, entertainment and retail experiences in one location. In addition to the high level of commitment to the family atmosphere throughout the period of operations, the premises and facilities are designed to provide families with safety, comfort and ease so that their visits are both entertaining and memorable, a fact that has made Global Village a regular destination for many throughout the season. 

Commenting on the culmination of yet another successful season, Saeed Bin Redha, CEO of Global Village, said: “Throughout the 168 days of the 17th season, we have endeavored to present a mixture of activities and event in addition to a number of new pavilions that were inaugurated for the first time in the park’s history. This has contributed to the diversity of cultures, cuisines, retailed products and entertainment shows. We are now working hard to plan for the next season, and God willing offer our dear visitors another unforgettable season of cultural and entertainment experiences.”

And for the first time, Global Village presented its visitors with a chance to win 13 sports cars in bi-weekly raffle draws held over the duration of the season.

In its 17th season, Global village hosted 37 pavilions which represented over 65 countries, with the newly inaugurated pavilions proving a big hit with visitors. Through this mixture presented by the investors in the park, Global Village registered nearly 10,000 individuals from 90 nationalities to operate and work during the season.  

In the same commitment to promote and apply best practices, Global Village management conducted an internal survey in order to gauge investor experience and opinion and the result was that 81% of the investors were satisfied with their business’ performance during the 17th season, with administrative support and assistance scoring very highly on value of importance. In addition to the precision in the management structure as well as the presence of good purchasing power, safety and security and overall continuous support from park management in both off season and during operation.

Throughout this active season, the diversity of the cultural shows stood out the most. With over 12,000 artistic performances being played out on the park’s and pavilions’ many stages, the frequency and mixture allowed visitors to enjoy a great number of popular and cultural entertainment exhibits ranging from American to Arabian and everything in between.

In support of the public organizations and community projects, Global Village hosted a number of activities and event such as dedicating the first opening day to host over 600 special needs children with their teachers and parents to be the first to enjoy Global Village activities and entertainment. Also, one day was dedicated to appreciate Global Village support staff, where they were entitled to enjoy the park with their families. There was also a noted participation in the initiative of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai to plant a union tree in every government organization in celebration of the 41st National Day of the UAE.

On another front, Global Village hosted a number of celebrations in conjunction with a number of events under the directives of Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and head of the Dubai Executive Council including celebrations of the 41st National Day that lasted for 11 day, in which performances from notable local artists were held, praising their pride and love to their nation, among which was Fadel Al Mazroui, Ahmed Al Mazroui, Abed El Menem Al Amiri, Adel Khamees, and Hazzaa. The celebrations were closed with a mega performance by star Diana Haddad concludind 13 concerts by various international artists including Pakistani Singer Salim Jafeed, Eyptian star Hakeem, and Omar Abdullat from Jordan as well as many more.

Global Village’s position as a leading tourism destination made it a primary choice for many event organizers. A total of 50 artistic activities were hosted by Global Village including Eid in Dubai festivities that were well received by the visiting crowds.

And during the active season, Global Village collaborated with a big number of government entities that support the operations year round and throughout the operational period. The collaboration focused on having embedded representatives from almost every government department within the Global Village local in order to provide support and meet the needs of visitors and investors. These departments include Dubai police, Emergency Services, Civil Defense and Traffic Police in addition to Immigration, DEPE, Dubai Municipality, Dubai Health Authority DEWA and more.

The 17th season at Global Village saw the participation of a number of sponsors and supporters that provided a high level of added value for visitors and investors and they include Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Emirates Water, Ahlia, Al Haramein fragrances and Gulf Line General Trading.

The Global Village Park is now closed in preparation for the new season, an off time in which the management and events team will be working to introduce a number of new and exciting collections of shows and entertaining offerings. The various teams will also be reviewing all customer surveys and suggestions in order to keep meeting and exceeding visitor expectations year after year.

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