New Dubai Government allowance is not pay hike: DGHR

Update: The Dubai Government Human Resources Department has issued an update on yesterday’s report about the Nature of Work Allowance for selected Dubai Government employees.

According to Dubai Government Human Resources Department (DGHR Department), preparations for releasing Nature of Work Allowance are completed in accordance with the Executive Council Resolution No. (15) of 2013 on the organization of Nature of Work Allowance for Dubai Government employees.

Since the issuance of the Resolution by His Highness the President of the Executive Council, all concerned parties in Dubai government worked jointly to put the Resolution into effect. The joint Intergovernmental Working Group came from both DGHR Department and Department of Finance (DOF). 

They worked on reviewing job categories proposed by government departments, and the group finished its work with the adoption of the final selected job categories entitled to receive Nature of Work Allowance, which included 1,968 job titles in 34 government departments and 12,821 employees, representing 32 per cent of the total number of employees of these departments. It spreads over 21 job categories.

It should be noted that the Executive Council Resolution is limited to civilian positions in respective departments subject to the provisions of the DGHR Department Law No. (27) of 2006, as amended. In this context, final job lists have been distributed to government departments in preparation for the disbursement of the Allowance with the salary of December.

From her part, Amal Mohammed bin Adi, Director General of DGHR Department, praised the great attention given by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, Chairman of the Executive Council of the Government Human Resources, expressing her appreciation for His Highness’ great support to the human resources in the government sector. 

Bin Adi added that the application of this resolution contributes significantly to improving the competitive position of the government departments in the labour market and enhances their ability to attract and retain talent. She expressed her optimism about the positive impact of the Allowance Emiratisation plans and programs in Government Departments.

Bin Adi also noted that the application of Nature of Work Allowance for some job categories is a generally accepted human resources practice and cannot be prescribed as a salary raise for the employees. She denied any economic motives for the allowance or any expected economic effects from it, as this Allowance is limited to specific job categories. 

Furthermore, Bin Adi stressed the keenness of DGHR Department to keep the public sector in a competitive position in the labour market in order to maintain its superiority as an employer. She praised the cooperation of government departments and human resources divisions in the application of the resolution. 

She confirmed that the application of the resolution formed a model of true partnership and complementary action between Dubai government institutions, illustrated by the active participation of government departments during the Resolution’s study and issuance stages and in the formation of the joint intergovernmental working group as well as the great cooperation shown by HR divisions within government departments to put it into practice. 


Earlier Story 

Dubai Government has effectively increased the basic salaries of selected groups of employees by between 30 and 100 per cent, according to a statement issued today.

According to a Dubai Government Human Resources Department statement, accrual rates will be between 30 and 100 per cent of the Basic salary for the selected groups.

Retroactively as of June 2013, the increment will be adjusted in the December 2013 salary, the statement further said.

As per a directive of Shaikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council, the ‘Nature of Work Allowance’ is part of the Executive Council’s decision No (15) of 2013 in June, which aimed to streamline the grant of this allowance, covering 32 government entities.

The joint government team assigned to apply the Executive Council's decision No. 15 of 2013, pertaining to granting 'nature of work' allowance at the departments of Dubai Government has completed its work.

It also approved the eligible jobs to receive the allowance and the rates for each group.

32 Government Departments in Dubai are scheduled to receive the allowance with their December salaries, retroactive as of June 2013.

32 per cent will benefit from the allowance out of the total number of the staff in these departments in 21 job groups, where the rates have ranged between 30 per cent and 100 per cent of the basic salary.

The allowance aims at empowering government departments to boost their capability to attract specialised and outstanding human resources, and retain them.

The key points of the Nature of Work Allowance, as confirmed by the Dubai Government HR Department, are:

* Nature of Work Allowance will cover 32 Government entities and shall be included in December salary retroactively from June 2013.

* 32% of government staff will benefit from Nature of Work Allowance.

* This is in accordance with Executive Council’s decision No (15) of 2013 streamlining the grant of the Nature of Work Allowance to the employees of Government of Dubai. 

* Accrual rates between 30% 100% of the basic salary for the selected groups. 

* Accrual ratios were determined according to a set of factors covered the following: most important jobs in the competitive labor market, job turnover rates, the regulatory weight of jobs, the impact of these jobs on the central activities and operations in the Departments.

* This move is expected to achieve greater organizational and operational stability in government departments through strengthening the capacity of government departments to attract talent and qualified personnel.

* Dubai Government Human Resources Department confirmed its affirmation to maintain the competitiveness of government sector in the job market. It will conduct periodic review of competitive salaries, benefits and rewards in Dubai Government.

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