New e-licensing system for Abu Dhabi cabbies

In an effort to enhance the hire cars sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the Centre for Regulation of Transport by Hire Cars (TransAD) has launched the new Intelligent Electronic Licensing System for taxi drivers.

Integrated with the centre’s other e-system, the new e-licensing system is expected to enhance the licensing procedure that entails tests undergone by applicants to become taxi drivers in the Emirate.

The e-licensing system comprises tests for taxi drivers which are based on their professional know-how such as knowledge of legislation relating to the transport by hire cars sector; rights, responsibilities and duties of taxi drivers and the code of conduct during working hours. In addition, the centre will also check on the taxi drivers’ level of awareness regarding the roads and areas of the Emirate so that they are able to reach the required destination with ease. It will also monitor their proficiency level in using the mobile data terminal for road mobility.

TransAD has said that the launch will not only increase the efficiency of administrative procedures for managing drivers’ licence, but will also allow the centre to optimally use the available human resources.

To ensure the system’s smooth operation, the new e-licensing system will monitor drivers’ documentations on a daily basis and will automatically stop permits for drivers who either have an expired driving licence, residency documents, or an Emirates ID. The driver will be exempt from driving again until the operating company renews the required documents, it added.

Taxi operators are seeking to recruit at least 2,000 taxi drivers in 2014. Informed by the centre’s resolution to oblige taxi operating companies to run at least 40 per cent of taxis on a two-shift basis, this development is a significant step in responding to the growing demand for taxi services in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.


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