New regulatory standards for water tankers in Abu Dhabi

As part of nation-wide efforts to protect the environment, preserve public health and ensure consumer protection and water quality, the Regulations and Supervision Bureau, RSB, has issued consultation papers to get official feedback from state departments concerned on new technical standards it has developed to regulate the workings of drinking and non-drinking water and wastewater tankers in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

RSB is the independent regulatory body for the water and electricity sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Towards this end, a workshop will be organised by RSB over the coming period to moot the received feedback and review views and comments on the new organisational framework.

Sheikh Abdulla Bin Mohammed Bin Butti Al Hamed, RSB Board Chairman, has stated that the office is consistently working with its strategic partners to take all measures needed to meet the government's plans to upgrade services and ensure consumer protection and safe and efficient drinking water supplies.

The consultation papers envisage new roles and responsibilities for departments concerned with protection of the environment and preserving public health, and outlines the roles and responsibilities of service companies operating in areas of transporting water in line with international standards.