New warning on sharing accommodation

Abu Dhabi municipality has issued a fresh warning to landlords and tenants of housing units, saying it would not tolerate overcrowding of houses and other violations that threaten safety and public health.

The warning, the latest in a series of notices to house users by the municipality, coincides with reports of massive offences by landlords seeking high revenue and tenants trying to ease rent burdens.

Sources in the property sector said thousands of houses and apartments are still overcrowded by more than a family each while scores bachelors are still crammed in just one flat in violation of laws stipulating a maximum three in one-bed room flat.

“You are urged to abide by public health and safety principles and refrain from such practices involving overcrowding of housing units,” the municipality said.

“The municipality appeals for the public to report any offences and would like to remind all that it is prohibited for the tenants or landlords to divide a housing unit for renting purposes.

“Renting housing units which are to be demolished is also strictly prohibited while all housing unit users must also stick to rules regarding the number of  tenants in villas and the bachelors in one housing unit.”


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