No terror threats against GCC: UAE

Gulf oil producers are not planning to take additional security measures following the recent unrest in Bahrain as they are not facing any terror threats, a senior UAE official was quoted on Tuesday as saying.

Saif Al Shaafar, ministry of interior undersecretary, said each member of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) has taken its own measures to protect its internal security and safety but stressed there is coordination among the six members.

“There are no indications that the GCC countries are facing any terror threats,” Shaafar told the semi official daily Alittihad.

“Each GCC member has its own security measures but there is no intention to take additional measures following the recent developments in Bahrain….the GCC countries have strong cooperation and coordination in the security field and updating our security strategies is one of our main concerns.”

The UAE was among GCC countries which sent troops to Bahrain last month to ensure stability following a wave of protests.

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