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Obaida's Murder: I was near the car in which my son lay dead - Father

Police found Obaida dead under a tree in Warqa area (EAY)

The Jordanian father of a nine-year-old boy killed by another Jordanian man in Dubai was quoted on Tuesday as saying he was standing just next to the car where his son lay dead but that he did not know the body was inside.

Ibrahim Sidqi told Emarat Al Youm daily that he went to search for his missing son Obaida after he was abducted by the killer, who was a friend of his.

“I reported my son’s absence to the police. The next day, I went to search for him and for the suspect. I stood next to his car without knowing that my son’s body was inside after I learned this from Dubai Police,” he said.

Sidqi, 48, said he has been working as a garage owner in the industrial zone in Sharjah for nearly 13 years and that he had no rifts with anyone.

“I have not expected this tragedy to happen to me. I have known the defendant for a few months. He came to have his car repaired and then he started to visit my garage quite often. He used to bring presents to my son and told me he loves him,” he said.

“He was letting my son sit with him in the car but I told my son to get out but I had never predicted that man’s intensions towards my child.”

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He said that when his son disappeared on that day, he called the defendant but found that his mobile phone was turned off.

Ibrahim Sidqi

“I got his other number from his nephew in Dubai and when I called him he said he did not know where my son is. I asked him to meet me but he refused. Only then, I started to suspect him and that is why I went to see him in Dubai. After a few hours, I received a call from the police saying that my son’s body was found and the killer arrested.”

Emarat Al Youm quoted Obaida’s mother as saying she would not accept condolences before her son’s killer is executed.

“I strongly believe in God’s will. This is my son’s destiny…I accept it but his departure is so difficult for me,” she said.