Pay all traffic fines before you switch jobs: UAE Ministry of Interior

Double parking is a violation and can be fined with Dh200. (Mustafa Kasmi)

The UAE residents who want to switch their jobs must pay their traffic fines first as new smart system will not allow them to finalise the residency transfer.

Lt. Colonel Faisal Mohammed Al Shimmari, Executive Director of the Ministry of Interior’s Smart Government Programme, pointed out that residents who wish to transfer their residency must first pay their traffic fines, as the electronic or smart system will not allow them to finalise the residency transfer from one job to another until all fines have been paid.

He urged residents to utilise the various services presented by the Ministry on its website or smart application by registering in the smart and eServices using their Emirates ID, which uses a simple mechanism and complies with the data and information security standards.

In one year, beginning October 2014 till the end of September 2015, a total number of 133,973 fine payment transactions have been conducted via the Ministry of Interior’s smart app, UAE-MOI, and its website,

“Customers have several channels to pay their traffic obligations without needing to visit a service center,” he said, adding that “customers are able to access their enquiries regarding traffic fines or traffic files for individuals and businesses.”

 Images taken by radar

He continued by stating that after connecting the speeding fines from the radars to the system, customers are able to view the images taken from the radar.

“Customers are able to review the nature of the violation alongside the time and date of its occurrence through the Ministry’s website and smart app.”

He added that customers can also utilise the ePayment feature to safely and securely pay through bank accredited cards, empowered by the online payment option, as the system on the website and smartphones application supports cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and e-Dirham.

He pointed that the Ministry’s smart application UAE-MOI is equipped with smart notification feature, which will notify the customer or the driver of the vehicle, the app user, about the violation once it has been recorded on the systems.

Lt. Colonel Al Shimmari also noted that the recording time of the speeding violation captured by radars on the Federal Traffic and Licensing System is between one and three days depending on the emirate, taking into consideration that some traffic fines cannot be paid through these electronic and smart services, and require a visit to a service centre.

He called upon the customers to be aware of the importance around information security and to keep their passwords and login information a secret.

“Take care when choosing your password, make sure it is both accurate and difficult,” he said, warning of the dangers that arise if this information falls into the wrong hands or is hacked by those who use such confidential information for criminal activity.

Multiple services in smart app

The Ministry of Interior is keen to provide various services through its UAE-MOI smart app across multiple platforms including Apple, Android, BlackBerry and Windows, as well as its connection to a number of partners in the UAE.

The application also connects with insurance and vehicle testing companies and is fully-integrated with the Ministry’s website. To avail the services, customers need only to provide the same username and password via any platform. Following a one-time registration via the website or smart app, the customers will be able to access the Ministry’s services through all available channels.

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