Pay Salik through your iPhone

Motorists will be able to renew their driving licences at vision-testing centres and use iPhones to pay tolls and traffic fines, according to media reports.

The services, likely to be available next year, aim to provide commuters with more options and avoid trips to Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) customer centres.

Four eye-test centres in Dubai will be shortlisted by early next year, Ahmed Bahrozyan, the RTA licensing agency chief executive, told The National newspaper.

“We must have certain high standards in place so we will look at the quality of the centre and the companies with the biggest coverage,” he said.

Once the driver passes the test, the eye centres will process the licence renewal with the RTA and the new card will be delivered by courier.

An iPhone app is being completed allowing drivers to pay road tolls through the Salik system as well as other fees.

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