Pepper-spray thief stole 100 diamond rings

The jobless thief pleads guilty to stealing the rings

A 29-year-old jobless Romanian CFT, allegedly sprayed tear gas in the eyes of a salesman at a jewelry shop and stole 100 diamond-encrusted rings worth Dh244,000.

NK, 27-year old Indian, salesman testified that on July 1, 2007, at around 10am while he was alone in his shop a man entered pretending to be a customer.

He asked NK to bring out a box that contained 100 golden rings to check them.

“All of a sudden he sprayed a tear gas into my eyes and ran away with the box. I identified the accused when I was shown his pictures by the police. 

I also recognised the rings impounded by the police,” NK testified.

The Police investigated into the crime and reached the accused and another man and a woman identified as IM, and MS. Police arrested the couple only while CFT remained fugitive.

IM confessed that he dropped CFT to Gold Souq in order to commit the crime. Searching their house, police seized 22 rings.

CFT confessed to stealing the rings from the complainant by spraying tear gas in his eyes.

The other two confessed that CFT had stolen the rings found in their possession.

In November 2007, IM and MS had been convicted of possessing stolen items and were awarded three months in jail followed by deportation sentence by the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance.

As they have appealed the verdict, the Court of Appeal reduced the sentence of the woman MS to Dh5,000 fine in January 2008 and upheld the jail term and deportation to the man IM.

The Court adjourned the case for verdict until August 5.