Perk most UAE staff want from bosses

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Employees in the UAE would give their bosses a 10 on 10 if they were to get the option of flexible working hours.

That’s the finding of a new survey conducted by YouGov for the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR), which reveals that a majority of employees in the UAE (64 per cent) rate flexible working hours, provided by employers based on personal circumstances, as good or very good, which is particularly prevalent amongst Emirati respondents (83 per cents).

A previous survey carried out by Emirates 24|7 too revealed that a flexible work schedule comes high on the wish list of UAE employees.

In the poll conducted by this website, 32 per cent of respondents said they wanted this perk from their employer and that it would make them more loyal to their job.

There are companies in the UAE that do understand life and career balance and offer the option of flexible working to their employees.

Firms that make it to the prestigious Great Places to Work for in the UAE list do so because they offer their employees perquisites such as job sharing, flexitime, telecommuting and unpaid leave.

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The YouGov survey highlights that a majority of employees (74 per cent) also believe a remote and flexible work schedule increases their productivity, and 7 in 10 say they are given the opportunity to work remotely across the UAE today. Of those that do work remotely, 37 per cent work most of the week outside the office.

The concept is expected to further gain ground as more employers adapt to the idea of employees being productive even when out of the office confines.

When asked how they see the future workplace in the UAE, the highest proportion of HR professionals (54 per cent) say there will be additional flexibility in staff working hours. This is followed by embracing a more efficient workplace (52 per cent) and better learning opportunities (51 per cent), says the survey.

And with flexible working the demand for smart tools to support remote workplace is on the rise.

“UAE working professionals rate their current employers second most highly for the availability of smart tools to increase their work productivity (57 per cent),” the YouGov survey states.

“Again, there is a clear indication that the tech-based tools on offer to employees will only expand in future with 85 per cent of HR professionals claiming their organisations are open to adopting smart technologies in the workplace. Of those already adopting change for the future, 54 per cent are extremely supportive of embracing new technological advancements,” it notes.

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