Police foil bid to smuggle 16,000 pistols to Yemen


Dubai Police on Thursday unveiled details of seizure of a huge shipment of arms including around 16,000 pistols of different sizes. Stopping over in Dubai, the shipment arrived from Turkey passing by an Egyptian port on its way to Yemen.  

The General Department of State Security said that arms were stopped in a container shipped by sea to Dubai, thwarting plans of reshipping it to its final destination; Yemen.  The arms shipment is considered the largest of its kind to be discovered in the region till date.

Suspects behind the plot were forced to reshuffle their original plan to ship arms to Yemen via another Gulf country’s sea port due to navigation routes that did not meet their schedules. Then, Dubai was chosen as an alternative stopover point.

The huge amount of brand-faked hand guns along with additional bullet chambers, manufactured in Turkey, were carefully hidden among wrapped boxes carrying furniture in a container which was temporarily stored in one of Dubai’s storehouses.

On receiving information about the shipment, investigations were immediately launched leading to identification of involved suspects most of who were arrested. Investigations showed that suspects include “Erfan”, the owner of the factory where guns were made and another person called “Faeq” who was responsible for organizing shipment of the guns from Turkey to a port in the Gulf.

Other suspects also include “Hamid” who demanded the original stopover port in the Gulf to be changed where the shipping policy had to be reissued as well. Shifting the shipment route from the original Gulf port to Dubai was carried out through the help of another suspect.

Coordination between Dubai Police and concerned authorities in Turkey, Egypt, Yemen and the Gulf country are currently underway to divulge all details of the foiled illegal shipment.

Dubai Police hailed sincere efforts by the General State Security department which led to identification and arrest of involved suspects and stopping this dangerous shipment from proceeding to its final destination.

Commenting on the successful operation, Lt General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, Dubai Police Commander-in-Chief hailed the remarkable performance of Dubai Police personnel who were behind deterring the shipment attempt. “We are proud of the high level of proficiency shown by various divisions under Dubai Police department. This achievement is another vivid example of our unequivocal commitment to uproot crime in all its forms,” Lt General Khalfan said.

“We shall not allow any criminal elements to use our territories to carry out any illicit plot that poses threat to peace and security of any country. Day after another, Dubai Police directs hurting blows to crime in all shapes, reminding that the United Arab Emirates will always remain a strong fort for law and order,” he added.

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