Policeman caught taking Dh3,000 bribe

A policeman allegedly sought a bribe of Dh3,000 to waive a traffic fine and also took pornographic CDs from their sellers against setting them free, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

MAM, 23, corporal at Jebel Ali Police, is accused by the prosecution of asking and accepting Dh3,000 as bribe from Ashfaq Khan claiming that there were spills of diesel from his truck onto the road. MAM seized the driving licence and asked for a bribe of Dh3,000 against giving it back to him and not issuing a fine.

MAM had also caught some people selling pornographic films and took from them 266 CDs against releasing those he had arrested.

Ashfaq Khan testified that a four wheel vehicle driven by a man wearing a police uniform stopped him while was driving on Emirates Road. “He insisted that there were spills onto the road from my truck although it was empty. He issued a fine and asked me to sign on it. He gave me back the car registration card and kept the driving licence and told me that he will call me later in the day. He called me at the evening and told me that he can help me avoid seizure of my truck for one month and the payment of Dh10,000 fine if I pay him Dh10,000. As I told him I do not have the amount, he asked for the number of my employer.

I gave it to him but the owner of the company did not reply to his calls. Later he called and told me that the vehicle is sought for one month seizure. I went to the Traffic Department and enquired about the fine.I was told that such a fine was not in the system. I suspected the matter and informed the police who arranged to catch him red handed. I called him and agreed with him about the time and location for handing him over the amount and he was arrested,” Khan testified.

Policeman Adel Ali testified that the police force had received complaint via the Al Ameen service about a policeman who collects fines from motorists he stops, claiming that he will pay them on their behalf. Some have refused and checked with the police and found out that if the motorist pays him the money, he does not enter the violation in the traffic police’s computer system.

“A motorist complained that he had paid the policeman the fine and when he checked the traffic system he did not find any reference to the violation or the payment of the fine. Most of his victims were Asian drivers of pick ups or trucks. We had been checking all information until Ashfaq Khan approached the department on February 7 and told about the fine issued by the policeman who got his mobile number and called him to arrange the payment of Dh3,000 for not seizing the truck and not paying Dh10,000 fine. Police arranged with Khan to arrest the policeman red handed,” he testified.

The accused resisted arrest and tried to run away. Policemen stopped him and confiscated the amount in his car. Police also confiscated stamped fine notebooks and 266 porno CDs which he confessed that he had taken from 87 people selling them. Some paid him bribes between Dh200 to Dh3,000 to avoid being charged, according to the records.

The court adjoined the case to June 11.

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