Price of water hiked despite ministry warning

Masafi mineral water bottles now cost 50fils more

Water bottle companies are violating the UAE Ministry of Economy directive by selling drinking water at higher prices. 

Masafi mineral water, which was priced at Dh2 per bottle is now sold for Dh2.50. “We have been selling at higher prices for the last couple of days. This is a revised price -  for small bottles Dh1.50 and for the big ones Dh2.50 per bottle,” said a salesman at an Emarat convenience store.

However, an official source from Masafi, said: “We don’t have any information about price changes. We did not receive any information from the marketing department about any price changes.”

Drinking water has been classified under 'essential food items,' which are to be sold at a price decided by the Ministry.

The food price level has been controlled in view of spiralling inflation level.

“I don’t understand how they can sell at higher prices when the Ministry of Economy has strict guidelines about increasing mineral water prices. It is an essential item,” said Jabbar, an expatriate customer.

However, not all convenience stores have increased the mineral water prices. The Ministry said it will impose fines upto Dh10,0000 for those violating price rules.


Dh100,000 fine for
hiking water prices

 Fixed-price list for
 in UAE online



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