Private tuitions necessary: UAE parents

Private tuitions are frowned upon in the UAE but many teachers give paid classes to students outside the school premises.

This is often done at the teacher’s house or the students place, whatever is suited to both.

According to a poll run by 'Emirates24|7', majority of parents believe that such classes are now a part of their lives, given the pressure in schools and the preference of individual attention over a packed class of 30 to 35 students.

Fifteen per cent of those who participated in the poll, said the pressure at schools is the main reason that drives students and their parents to opt for private classes whereas 10 per cent respondents believe that parents are too busy these days to devote time to studies at home.

On the other hand, 28 per cent said that tuitions can be required but it depends on each unique case and family.

“My child is in fourth grade and he needs private tuitions, especially Arabic and French. My knowledge in both the languages is negligible so there is not much to do but resort to extra paid classes.”

“The teacher comes home once a week. He teaches my son in his school. He has told me clearly not to pay him in front of the child and that he should not talk about this in school. The school follows a strict policy of no private classes by teachers but everybody does it,” said an Indian parent on the condition of anonymity.

The practice seems more rampant in Indian schools. “My child was in an Indian school and he took tuitions. This year I’ve moved him to an IB curriculum and till date there is no need for coaching beyond what is taught in school,” said a parent living in The Springs area.

The online poll also reveals that many parents do not believe in tuitions. According to 16 per cent of the parents, studies in school should be enough whereas 31 per cent said tuitions can be done away with only if parents put in extra effort.

Apart from individual tutors, many institutions also run classes after school that offer varied subjects like math, science, etc.

As for the private tutors, the rates are higher in New Dubai. “The teacher who comes to my house charges Dh100 per hour and we have two kids. So I pay Dh200 for one hour. He lives in Deira and wouldn’t come for anything less. I know a few houses he goes to in the neighbourhood. His evenings are packed,” said a parent.


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