‘Provocative’ Sheikh Zayed Rd ad pulled down


An unnamed company selling advertising space on billboards attached to light poles along Sheikh Zayed Road had the 30-odd billboards taken down after Dubai Municipality received a flood of complaints regarding the content.

The ads, which seemed to suggest a teaser campaign in Arabic and English, contained big blocks of phrases including: “I am yours”, “Buy me", "I'm available", "Talk to me" and "Call me now”.

The ads were brought to the notice of Dubai Municipality after members of public complained.

These expressions were deemed confusing and provocative in the complaints..

According to Al Bayan, Dubai Municipality launched an investigation and in less than 24 hours the billboards were taken down.

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Al Bayan also received several complaints about the ads.

Dawoud Al-Hajri, Director of Planning, Dubai Municipality said: “The department responsible for advertising, immediately took the initiative to review the documents of the advertiser and content of the ad itself.

“It was discovered that the ad was booked via the Internet, and received approval on the internet.

“The company’s aim was to advertise the signboard space itself, inviting advertisers looking for ad space to consider using these billboards.”

He stressed that the municipality did not know that the advertiser would use words and sentences in such a manner, so as soon as they receives the complaints it had the ads removed.

Al-Hajri called on the public to communicate with the municipality at any time using the 800 900 phone number which operates around the clock.

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