Public told not to park under metro viaducts

The project information board near Nakheel Towers and Harbour metro station [Majorie van Leijen]

Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has said that it had carried out 2,839 inspections to detect violations relating to the rail right-of-way during the first six months of this year.

"An inspection section had been set up within the Rail Right-Of-Way Department at RTA to carry out 24/7 inspections (on shift basis) of all works related to projects within the protected areas of the rail facilities in respect of which NOCs had been issued by RTA to contractors. The aim of this inspection is to ensure strict compliance of those parties with the terms and conditions set by RTA," said Hussain Al Saffar, Director of Rail Right-Of-Way, RTA.

"The department is also focused on hazardous projects in order to avoid damaging the rail infrastructure. A daily periodic inspection is carried out throughout the routes of the Red and Green Lines of the Metro as well as the Tram in order to detect violations, if any. Inspection operations conducted during the first six months of this year resulted in reporting 95 offences of vehicles parking in prohibited places under the metro viaducts. About 126 cases of legal notices and fine tickets were reported pursuant to the provisions of Order No. (5) for 2009 governing rail operations in Dubai," said Al Saffar.

The director of Rail Right-Of-Way at RTA urged the public to avoid parking their vehicles in prohibited areas under the metro viaducts to avoid legal actions.

He also called on contractors and consultants to obtain NOCs in respect of various works undertaken with the rail protected areas in order to safeguard the facilities and infrastructure of the rail network.

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