Rain, fog disappear to leave UAE fair weather for New Year's eve

Good news for firework displays and out door events

The UAE is set to enjoy its best weather of the winter season heading into what is expected to be record-breaking, scintillating New Year’s eve celebrations in Dubai and across the Emirates.

After spells of heavy fog, rain and cloudy weather, the National Centre for Seismology and Meterology (NCMS) has now forecast fair weather with light to moderate winds at all times.

Though the threat of humidity and fog formation still hang on the horizon, for the most part the weather is to remain fair.

The sea too will be moderate in general.

The news that there will be no fog and rain will be welcomed by planners of the sound, light and firework displays across Dubai – from the million-person gala expected at Downtown Dubai to the yearly spectacle at the Burj Khalifa.

The weather will remain cold, however, with temperatures dipping to 10 degrees centigrade in some internal areas.

The maximum temperatures is to hover around just 24 degrees.


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