Rain in Dubai, Sharjah; Temperatures at 12.5 deg C... click for where


Update: The NCMS has tweeted that the temperature recorded on today in the mountain area of Jais at 2am was 12.5 degrees Celsius

Spells of rain hit morning commuters in Dubai and Sharjah as the National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) forecast of the UAE weather continuing to hold its unstable pattern for another 48 hours, came to bear.

The NCMS had forecast a probability of rain over the UAE and commuters in both emirates awoke to find a muggy, overcast morning with gentle lashings of rain.

Weather forecast

The NCMS said the wind speed will spike up to nearly 50km per hour, with moderate to fresh winds blowing dust and reducing horizontal visibility at times.

The sea is forecast to be rough in the Arabian Gulf and moderate to rough at times in the Oman Sea.

On Monday, the weather is expected to remain dusty and partly cloudy in general,  with a chance of occasional scattered rain.

Fresh northwesterly winds will affect the country to the western region, according to the NCMS, further extending to the rest of the UAE, suspended with dust and raining sand.

This will further reduce horizontal visibility, with substantial drop on temperatures to the west in specific.

The sea will be rough to very rough in the Arabian Gulf, and moderate to rough at times in Oman Sea.

The rainfall will extend to most of the UAE by Tuesday, especially the northern parts of the country, mainly Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah, with the dusty weather to continue.

The marine warning will stay in place for March 24 as well.

The NCMS has warned against venturing out to sea during this period, also cautioning drivers to take precautions on the roads due to poor visibility by dust and raising sand.

According to the Gulf Storm Centre, Sunday is witnessing thunderstorms and heavy rains in eastern Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar.

The weekend saw the above-mentioned countries, along with Kuwait, battered by heavy rainfall, which has caused flooding in parts; Saudi also experienced hail storms in the holy city of Makkah.


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