Rains, towering clouds over the UAE

The weather remained pleasantly cool over the weekend with Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi witnessing cool evening breeze on Friday and Saturday.

Parts of the country, especially those bordering Oman, also reported towering clouds and scattered showers even as temperatures dipped to 15˚C in the mountainous regions of the UAE.
Hatta, the town on the UAE-Oman border located at the foothills of the Hajjar mountains, saw moderate rainfall over the weekend even as residents in Dubai, which is just about an hour’s drive from Hatta, had to contend with a cool evening breeze.
The National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS), the country’s official weather forecaster, reckons that weather will remain more or less the same over the next few days although chances of further rain aren’t too bright.
It did rain a bit last week in Dubai’s Jebel Ali area, and the NCMS predicted chances of further rain in parts of the country over the weekend.
Today, the NCMS is forecasting that weather will remain moderate to relatively hot during daytime, with mercury set to hit a high of 39˚C and 36˚C in internal and coastal areas, respectively, while the UAE’s mountainous regions will remain relatively cold with temperatures not expected to shoot above 27˚C.
On the lower side, temperatures may hit a low of 15˚C in the mountainous regions of the country, according to the NCMS forecast, while internal and coastal cities may see lows of 17˚C and 23˚C, respectively.
The weatherman at the NCMS is predicting a “mild to pleasant” weather at night over the interiors and the mountains, and “partly cloudy over scattered areas with a chance of some towering clouds eastwards, especially over the mountains by afternoon”.
According to the NCMS forecast, wind will remain light to moderate, may freshen at times, and sea will be moderate in general. “The relative humidity is likely to increase by early morning over some areas especially over the west.”

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