Renew your Emirates ID card in just 2 minutes... from your mobile

Eida launches first batch of 'Smart' services through mobile phones

The Emirates Identity Authority (Eida) has announced the launch of an innovative batch of its services through mobile phones and tablets allowing customers to perform a number of ID card-related transactions anytime and anywhere.

First phase will allow Emiratis to renew their ID cards in two minutes through their mobile phones.

Transactions can be completed in simple and easy steps that will save time and efforts for customers, government and Emirates ID.

Emirates ID underscored that its first batch, which includes 5 "smart" services, will form a quantum leap in government service delivery through mobile phones and devices. This is in line with the Authority's quest to meet its customers' expectations, contribute to boosting UAE's pioneering in launching and adopting the world's most sophisticated "mGovernment".

Emirates ID's batch of "smart" services, launched in English and Arabic through 'Android' apps as a pilot edition, includes ID card Renewal for Emiratis and GCC countries citizens as a first phase, tracking progress of transactions for all residents in the UAE, user profile personalization, sending suggestions and complaints, notifications and geo-locating Emirates ID's service centers and approved typing offices.
Commitment to Excellence

Dr Ali Mohamed Al Khouri, Emirates ID's Director General, said launch of this batch of "smart" services is in line with Emirates ID's commitment and tireless efforts to excel in customer service through providing innovative and creative solutions via mobile phones and devices, and thus keeping up to the country's prudent leadership's aspirations and the "smart government" initiative.

Dr Al Khouri pointed out that Emirates ID has almost completed the e-link project with government entities which is aimed to simplify provision of government services and streamline official transactions, this being the Authority's prominent strategic objectives, noting that Emirates ID has doubled its efforts to develop its infrastructure and add more security features that support government entities in launching reliable smart apps through mobile phones and devices.

Dr Al Khouri emphasized that Emirates ID was keen to move forward aiming to achieve pioneering in launching smart apps and is racing against time to launch a more distinguished second batch during the first quarter of 2014. The aim is to add value and give an unprecedented example at local and international levels in the field of identity verification through the cyber space, which involves restructuring several services using modern techniques that keep pace with the UAE's "smart government" aspirations.

Dr Al Khouri indicated that the launch of this batch of apps helps customers to overcome several challenges through providing them with services 24/7 via additional easy-to-access mobile channels that will save them the need to visit service centers, typing offices or the Authority's website. It will also reduce the steps required  to complete a service to less than half, which should remarkably save customers' time and efforts, reduce the Authority's operational costs and increase its service capacity around the clock.

He considered the launch of these "smart" apps as a value-addition to Emirates ID's registration system since it shall encourage customers to enroll in the population register on time benefiting from the app's notification feature and the simplicity of using and interacting with it. This should in turn boost the UAE's security and economy, ensure maintaining up-to-date population register and make the ID card the primary and most valuable identity verification document in the country.

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