Restaurant grill puts family of 8 in hospital

An Emirati family of eight suffered from food poisoning after having a grill meal at a popular restaurant in Fujairah and all of them were taken to hospital.

A couple of hours after having the meal, all members of the family suffered from a severe stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhea.

After they were examined at a nearby medical centre, they were referred to the Fujairah Hospital for treatment of food poisoning.

“We also felt very exhausted and lazy after having that meal, which included grilled meat and chicken. The meat was not well done so we suspect that it could be contaminated,” Fatima Al Ali, a family member, told Alittihad daily.

The paper said the hospital confirmed it was a food poisoning case, adding that no measures had been taken yet by the municipality against that restaurant.

Image from shutterstock

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