Revealed: Deadliest killers on Dubai's roads in 2012

Seemingly harmless violations like safe distance between vehicles and lane changing claim high number of fatalities

The Dubai Traffic Police declared war on traffic fatalities and accidents in 2012 resulting in aggressive and innovative campaigns.

The result is that the number of deaths due to traffic accidents in Dubai has dropped in the past 11 months by 10 per cent when compared to the same period last year. 

The emirate’s 2020 traffic strategy aims to reach to zero deaths per 100 thousand people.

Colonel Saif Mohair Al Mazroui, Acting Director General, Dubai Traffic Department, Dubai Police, stressed that Dubai traffic teams and patrols are working hard to ensure the application of the law and to maintain security and safety of the roads. 

“Dubai Police has pursued plans and traffic programmes to achieve significant reductions in the number of deaths due to car accidents, which was 332 in 2007.”

The number so far this year is 108, compared to 120 deaths in 2011. 

The Dubai Traffic Police released exclusively to Emirates 24|7 a detail break-up of causes of fatal accidents on the roads of the emirate for 2012.

Despite the obvious major ‘killers’ like jumping traffic signals and drink driving, there were some more alarming causes of traffic fatalities.

Alarming, because they seem like innocuous traffic discretions, but as these statistics show, they can kill you. 

Wrong estimation of distance between vehicles

278 accidents resulted from drivers lacking in their estimation of distances between vehicles.

36 deaths due to this, and this was the same number in 2011. 

Ilegal lane changes

18 deaths were caused by illegal lane changes this year as compared to 17 persons last year. 

Entry on to road

9 deaths due to vehicles entering a main road without paying attention to if the road is free or not. 

Jumping signals

7 deaths  

Excessive speed

6 deaths  

Tyre explosions

2 deaths 

Driving under influence of alcohol

Significant decline over the past eleven months.

4 deaths in the past 11 months as compare to 15 in 2011 over same period. 

Run over cases

41 deaths in 343 incidents 


42 deaths in 1,680 accidents due to collisions.

1,401 injuries, of which 69 were serious. 

With road barriers

10 deaths 

With electric transformers

3 deaths

With signboards and lamposts

2 deaths 

With trees

1 death


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