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Riders cutting a ticket for buses between Sharjah-Dubai

The inter-city bus service shuttling between Dubai and Sharjah has reported a rise in the number of commuters by 6.4 per cent during the period from January 1 to November 30 this year compared with statistics recorded during the same period last year.

The improved ridership figures attribute to the improvements made by Public Transport Agency, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to bus stops in Sharjah.

“The improvements made revolve around the increased number of bus stops in areas on the route of buses traveling in Sharjah on the way to Dubai, enabling commuters residing in Sharjah travel to their various destinations in Dubai,” said Basel Ibrahim Saad, Director of Buses, RTA’s Public Transport Agency.

“The bus routes that had seen increased stops are E303, E303A, E304, E306, E307, and E307A. These routes are located along Al Wahda Road and King Faisal Road. Commuters lifted from Sharjah on these routes during the period from January 1 to November 30 this year amounted to 2,867,996 riders; compared with 2,694,834 riders during the same period last year,” revealed Saad.

“These improvements in the inter-city bus network operating between Dubai and Sharjah had been undertaken in a bid to ease the picking-up of commuters residing in areas nearby the routes of these buses on their way to Dubai, thus obviating them the need to go to the main station at Al Jubail, Sharjah. The increase in the bus stops of inter-city service in Sharjah has three objectives; bring happiness to commuters, eliminate the thronging of Al Jubail Station, and augment the revenues of RTA by curbing illegal passenger transport activities from King Faisal and Al Ittihad Roads in Sharjah,” he added.

“The first pick-up point on King Faisal Road is near Jumbo Sony Station, and then the service stops opposite to City Center Sharjah, nearby the subway. The last two bus stops are one opposite to Safeer Mall and the other is opposite to Ansar Mall. The frequency of the service on these routes is about 20 minutes, especially during morning and evening peak times in order to accommodate the largest possible number of inter-city bus commuters.

“RTA pays much attention to the flexibility and wider coverage of public transport network in order to offer commuters convenient services and smooth mobility. These goals are reflected in several initiatives run by RTA, especially in matters related to saving of power and expenses, and conserving the environment through reduced carbon emissions from vehicle exhausts. Such a policy would help us realize the objectives of the Green Economy driven by Dubai Government initiative: Green Economy for Sustainable Development. The initiative is also closely related to the objectives of reducing traffic congestion, saving time & effort of public bus riders and bringing more happiness to bus users,” concluded the Director of Buses, RTA’s Public Transport Agency.