Road-crash girl in Abu Dhabi gets saviour

Unknown Gulf donor to pay for her treatment trip to Germany

A day after an Egyptian girl appealed for help for treatment of paralysis, an unknown donor from a Gulf Arab country offered to pay Dh500,000, needed for her trip to Germany, Emarat Alyoum Arabic language daily said on Friday.

The man from the unidentified country called the paper and Shada’s sister to tell them he would finance her treatment while other donors said they would pay for the tickets and other expenses, the paper said.“Shada said she was delighted by the news and expressed gratitude for this Gulf benevolent man…she also thanked all those who supported and sympathized with her in her ordeal,” the paper added.

Shada, 23, was paralyzed after a road crash in Abu Dhabi in April and was partially treated in Al Mafraq Hospital in Abu Dhabi before she moved to a hotel room due to insufficient medical insurance for her case.

Her 24-year-old sister, Shurooq, who came from Egypt to be with Shada, said doctors told them she needed to have treatment in Germany and that costs for such a trip could be around Dh500,000.

Shurooq said hospitals have refused to admit Shada because she can not afford to pay and her case is so serious that she needs to be treated abroad.
“She is now staying at a hotel room because her insurance does not cover additional treatment at Al Mafraq Hospital…her employers have also sacked her and she has to return home,” Shurooq said.

“We have no choice but to put her in the hotel as other hospitals refused to receive her because of the seriousness of her case and the high treatment costs, which we can not afford…we appeal for all benevolent people to help her.”

Shada, an orphan, came to the UAE last year just and worked as a saleswoman at a private firm. She is a holder of a bachelor degree in arts and literature.
Police and hospital reports showed she suffered from spinal cord rupture and fractures in the backbone, skull and other parts of the body.

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