Route 2020: Is your community on this new Dubai Metro line? Click to find out

Four additional Dubai Metro lines are in the planning. The Green Line and Red Line will see extensions further into old Dubai and an extension of the Red Line to the upcoming Dubai Parks and Resorts has been discussed.

All of this will not be realised before the most current and anticipated project: Route 2020.

As the name suggests, this Metro extension of the Red Line will be completed before 2020, as it will connect to the Expo site.

In fact, the Metro line will be up and running in 2019, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has said.

The RTA map showing the Metro 2020 route. (Supplied)

In order to see whether your community is en route to the 2020 site, 'Emirates24|7' tracks the possible future route.

The Gardens, Discovery Garden and Furjan

Approximate direction on Google maps.

Route 2020 will branch off from the Red Line at Nakheel Harbour and Towers, heading towards Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Road (SMBZ Road).

On this route, it passes communities such as the Gardens, Discovery Gardens and Furjan.

On the map it shows that three stations will be located on this part of the route.

Discovery Gardens will surely be served by Route 2020.

In a statement by the RTA, the community was mentioned as one of the destinations for a new Metro station.

According to the map, a station will be located in the middle of the community, at the top of Asayal Street.

Furjan was also mentioned as a destination to be served by the line.

As this community lies south of Discovery Gardens, it would mean the Metro line will be constructed more towards the front the community (D591).

If this is true, the Metro line will pass another residential community: the Gardens.

In fact, the first upcoming station on this route is near the Gardens, as the map shows.

The Metro line will be constructed along an elevated track on this part.

Jumeirah Golf Estate & Investment Park

Approximate direction on Google maps.

After the Metro line has crossed SMBZ Road through an underground line, it curves towards the west, heading for the Expo site.

On the way, four more stations will be constructed.

According to the map, the first station will be constructed south of Al Houth Roundabout.

Currently, there is no development at this location and it is not clear which community will be served by this station.

The RTA said earlier that Jumeirah Golf Estate will be served by Route 2020.

However, this community is located more eastwards, away from the route suggested on the map.

In any case, an underground network will lead Route 2020 to Investment Park, where it will serve two localities.

The Green Community Village will have a Metro station, according to the RTA map.

As it appears, the station will be located near Green Community East Park, near SMBZ Road.

The line will be elevated again to continue to its final destination, with one more station on the way.

The last station does not appear on the RTA map, which only counts 6 stations, and some stations under study. One such station is located in Dubai Investment Park 1, which is the commercial locality of this community.

The final station is the Expo site, while an extension towards Dubai World Central is under consideration.

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