RTA calls upon public to observe the laws of Dubai Water Canal Boardwalk

The Roads and Transport Authority - Dubai (RTA) has announced guidelines & instructions relating to the Dubai Water Canal Boardwalk, in implementation of RTA’s strategic goals: People Happiness, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability.

Mr. Nabeel Mohammed Saleh, Director of Roads, said: “One of our priorities is to maintain the safety of visitors of the Dubai Water Canal; one of the vital projects in Dubai. The Canal is a giant landmark that contributes to promoting the economy, investment and tourism in Dubai and maintaining environmental safety in Dubai Creek, which is the lifeline of commercial and maritime business of the city”.

The RTA calls upon the public to follow the instructions of the Dubai Water Canal Boardwalk in order to ensure the safety of community members and their families. Instructions include dumping waste in designated sites, avoiding the use of skateboards, and bicycles or motorbikes anywhere other than designated places.

Mr. Saleh reminded the public to refrain from jumping over the rail of the Boardwalk, bringing dogs and other pets, or wearing revealing clothes. He also alerted the public not to use campfire or hot charcoal be it for barbequing or smoking shisha. It also urged visitors not to leave their children under 12 unattended for their own safety.

“Not abiding by the said laws will hold offenders legally accountable for their actions. The public is welcomed to contact the RTA via the toll-free number 8009090 to make inquiries, comments or suggestions that contribute to improving the Boardwalk in line with RTA’s strategic goals & drivers,” concluded bin Saleh.

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