RTA in bid to allow UAE teenagers to drive

Awaits ministry nod to allow youngsters aged 17-1/2 to begin training for driving licence

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) plans to allow youngsters to begin training to obtain drivers' licence about six months before they turn 18.

The authority has forwarded the suggestion to the Ministry of Interior for approval before it becomes a law.

According to a report in Arabic daily 'Al Bayan', applicants aged 17-1/2 can start taking lessons on light vehicles. However, they will not be given a licence until they pass the test and complete 18 years of age.

The move aims to help students who can utilise their break before joining universities to obtain a driving licence. And also the RTA believes youngsters require long-time training before they take to the roads. The authority added that the best international practises also stress the need for training before 18.

Meanwhile, Ahmed Bahrouzyan, CEO, Licensing Agency of RTA, confirmed that the unification of database of traffic departments in the UAE is a success. The project launched in 2010 has not only helped save fuel, time and man hours but has also helped speed up customer service procedures.

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All driving institutes given common curriculum

The Licencing Agency of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has introduced a unified curriculum for training and qualifying individuals intending to obtain driving licences for light motor vehicles.
The curriculum has been distributed to all driving institutes in Dubai and has been put into effect from the start of this year.
The new curriculum was introduced after it was endorsed by the Consultative Council that included members from driving institutes and RTA experts," said Ahmed Bahrozyan, CEO of RTA Licencing Agency.

The unified curriculum is transparent and clear for those interested in obtaining driver licences.
It has two components - theoretical component which has 8 basic lectures mandatory for trainees to attend as they cover safety standards and shed light on how to groom as an able driver competent enough to shoulder the road responsibility after obtaining the driver licence.
The practical component comprises five basic stages which the trainee has to pass, particularly as they cover internal and external manoeuvres on roads.
The new feature added to the practical training caters to educating learners on sudden braking in emergency cases.
After clearing the final test and before obtaining the driver licence, the trainee has to undergo a driving experience on highway for two hours to ascertain his or her ability to cope with the vehicle.
It is delivered in three main languages - Arabic, English and Urdu.
Among other benefits, the unified curriculum helps verify effectiveness of instructors in order to re-train poor performing instructors before renewing their training permit.






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